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There are so many new 'vegan' or 'plant-based' products on the market that claim to be the best. However, it's in the tasting in a real kitchen that really counts. I have streamlined my choices to give you the best products that have passed the test for taste, quality, ethical production and affordability. 


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toast taste test

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Just the nicest combination… this will ensure you are getting some super power from fermented seeds, lushness from a cream cashew and macadamia cheese and feeding the good bacteria with fermented veggies.. I added my own touch of left over roasted sweet potato. That makes a mighty fine addition to the combo. 

These are the three shop bought products that I would Highly recommend! They are all premium products.. they are use organic, raw, are hand crafter small producers from Australia. They are worth investing in if you are beginning the road to dairy free.

Gaga Fermented Beets

Gaga Fermented Beets

If you have not made your own.. a jar of this really does the trick.. I believe a spoonful of fermented food like saukraut, kimchi, kombucha or keffir at every meal can really benefit your gut bacteria. I really love this brand compared to the others on teh market. It's really clean, not fussy and you can feel the goodness. The flavour is just right. And I like the fact it's finely sliced. Makes it easy to put on a fork! If you want to make your own; join my online course.

Sprouted Seed Bread

Sprouted Seed Bread

This fermented seeded toast from Spring Wholefoods really do the BEST sprouted pumpkin and turmeric breads.. not really breads.. just light on the tummy. Needs several goes in the toaster to get the right toastiness.  Loving the activated and fermentation ingredients.. this loaf uses quinoa, buckwheat, millet, chickpea, mung bean green lentil, linseed sunflower seed, pumpkin, zucchini, turmeric coconut oil and a vegan starter culture. If you want to make your own: join my online course.

Macadamia & Cashew Feta

Macadamia & Cashew Feta

This nutty cheese has been steeped in olive oil, pomegranate and mandarin. Thanks to the enzyme rich nutrient dense fermented raw plant based food all their products are gluten and dairy free too!! In a nutshell, raw means that no food is heated above 45 c (113 f), thereby retaining more nutrients and enzymes than cooked food. A raw food diet involves eating live, nutritionally dense, unprocessed and preferably organic foods or wild foods. Download my course for my version of cashew cheese!

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