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Welcome to Caroline Marson's website, where you'll find a world of plant-based foods, featuring a delightful fusion of homegrown, foraged, and homemade dishes. As a seasoned stylist, art director, and photographer with extensive experience in the publishing industry, I specialise in providing complete food content packages tailored for social media and websites.


Whether you're a food photographer needing a reliable stylist, a food-based company seeking captivating visuals or looking to enhance your online presence, I can help you curate stunning and engaging food content. From mouthwatering imagery to expertly styled dishes, I help bring food imagery to life. 


 I also co-run Wild Ivy Retreats & Feasts set amidst a re-wilding garden project in the countryside. You can explore these experiences on 


Together, we explore edible herbs, create crafts, gather fungi and weeds, and work towards re-wilding and nurturing the existing ecosystem. I am dedicated to create a Garden that harmoniously coexists with all creatures and plants, fostering a thriving and sustainable environment.


So, whether you're seeking stunning visuals, creative styling, or strategic content management, I'm here to bring your food-centric vision to life. Thank you for visiting my website, and I look forward to collaborating with you.

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